The Exponential Era

David Espindola. The Exponential Era
David Espindola. The Exponential Era
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The Exponential Era

" The Exponential Era turns strategic planning from a stagnant limited application exercise to an active thoughtful process that can yield benefits for all companies and executives. Every company leader can find a gem in the Exponential Era to apply to their business big or small." —Michael Splinter , Chairman of the Board, NASDAQ and Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Applied Materials "I count this among the very best business books I have read. The authors have managed to synthesize a vast array of thinking and methodologies and deployed them in a practical and easily understood planning process (SPX) that addresses today's exponential pace of change." —James B. Stake , former Executive Vice President, Enterprise Services, 3M Company and Chairman, Ativa Medical Corporation " The Exponential Era is an essential read for our times." —John Puckett , Owner of Punch Pizza and Co-founder of Caribou Coffee " The Exponential Era does a great job of not only describing exponential technologies, but how they likely converge to transform our world." —Frank Diana , Managing Partner, Futurist, TATA Consultancy Services " The Exponential Era is a must-read for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and virtually anyone navigating our highly complex and rapidly changing world." —General (Ret. 4 Star) Joseph L. Votel , President and CEO, Business Executives for National Security (BENS)
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