Upper Hand

Sherrell Dorsey. Upper Hand
Sherrell Dorsey. Upper Hand
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Learn how to secure a place at the professional table for Black, Latinx, and other marginalized groups

In Upper Hand: The Future of Work for the Rest of Us , celebrated Founder and CEO of The Plug, Sherrell Dorsey, delivers a personal and eye-opening exploration of how to ensure that marginalized communities aren't left behind as technology continues its inexorable march forward. In the book, readers will learn to think about how we can strategically shape the coming decade to include Black and Brown communities.

Upper Hand offers guidelines, insights, and frameworks for navigating the new world of work that is dominated by Silicon Valley-rooted technologies, inaccessible networks, and constant automation that continues to slash jobs in the Black and Latinx population. You'll find ways to: Help families and community leaders design clear pathways to understanding alternatives to obsolescence Thrive in an ever-changing, tech-driven economy that is beginning to leave people of color behind Embrace new strategies that guarantee a place for Black and brown people in the new economy The startling and insightful discussion in Upper Hand will earn it a place in the libraries of families, teachers, community advocates, workforce development leaders, professionals of color, as well as anyone interested in learning how to distribute the benefits of the new tech economy to those historically left out.
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  • ISBN: 9781119839309
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