In Statu Nascendi

Группа авторов. In Statu Nascendi
Группа авторов. In Statu Nascendi
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In Statu Nascendi is a new peer-reviewed journal that investigates specific issues through a socio-cultural, philosophical, and anthropological approach to raise a new type of civic awareness about the complexity of the contemporary crisis, instability, and warfare situations, where the “stage of becoming” plays a vital role.

Issue 2019:1 comprises, amongst others, the following articles:
– An Interview with Marcin Grabowski on the Political Situation in Asia in General and North Korea in Particular
– The EU and the Migration Crisis: ‘The EU-Turkey Deal’: Policy Effectiveness and Challenges of Implementation
– The Syrian Conflict (2011–2017): How a Perfectly Winnable Uprising has been Transformed into a Civil War, Only to End up as a Ferocious Proxy War
– Interview with Prof. Maria Dimitrova on Continental Philosophy in General and Emmanuel Levinas’ Philosophy in Particular
– Patristic Tradition, Criterialism, and Levinasian Quasi-Theological Conditions of the Self
– Reconsidering the Notion of the Creative Genius in Postmodern Philosophy and Art
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  • ISBN: 9783838273099
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