Foreclosure Investing For Dummies

Ralph R. Roberts. Foreclosure Investing For Dummies
Ralph R. Roberts. Foreclosure Investing For Dummies
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Make foreclosure investing work for you with this practical and easy-to-understand guide Looking to kick start your own property management career? Check out Foreclosure Investing For Dummies, which will get you started buying foreclosed properties to turn into your own income property! In this book, you'll learn to navigate the complexities of home auctions, deal with emotional former homeowners, and how to handle renovations. You'll also get a heads-up on the foreclosure laws in all 50 states so you don't accidentally run afoul of any complicated regulations. Foreclosure Investing For Dummies shows you how to: Locate properties for sale and identify associated opportunities and risks Buy properties below market value at auction, from lending institutions, and from government agencies Fix up, renovate, and sell or lease your new property for a profit This hands-on guide can help anyone make foreclosure investing work. So, grab a copy of Foreclosure Investing For Dummies, roll up your sleeves, and get going!
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