The Female Investor

Kate Hill. The Female Investor
Kate Hill. The Female Investor
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Conquer the challenges faced as a woman pursuing financial independence and prosperity

In The Female Investor: Creating Wealth, Security, and Freedom through Property , celebrated property and finance experts Nicola McDougall and Kate Hill deliver a practical and approachable guide for women of all ages as they navigate the world of property investing. You'll learn how to build equity and wealth in the property market and achieve financial independence, all while overcoming the gender-based salary deficit and balancing the demands of family and work. You’ll discover invaluable advice on: How to get started with property investing, regardless of what stage of life you're in How to protect your assets in the event of a relationship breakdown and handle «the talk» with your partner when you decide it’s time to join financial forces New strategies and trends for achieving financial independence, like rentvesting and co-buying The Female Investor is an essential read for young women just starting out in the workforce, long-time professionals returning to work after caring for a child, and any other woman trying their best to overcome the financial disadvantages faced by women everywhere. It also belongs in the libraries of anyone else who seeks to support the women in their lives.
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