How to Invest in Managed Funds

Margaret  Lomas. How to Invest in Managed Funds
Margaret  Lomas. How to Invest in Managed Funds
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Managed funds offer investors with relatively small sums of money the opportunity to access a range of investments across a spectrum of asset classes. For savers they can offer a greater return than funds held at call with a bank; for busy or inexperienced investors they can be a safer alternative to direct investing; for retirees with superannuation rollovers or other lump sums they can offer capital growth or an income stream, or both! Margaret Lomas explains the ins and outs of investing in managed funds in her trademark easy-to-understand style. She discusses all aspects of investing in managed funds, including: Types of funds, how they are structured and regulated How returns are made and measuring fund performance When to use financial planners Matching a managed fund to your investor profile Maintaining a balanced portfolio using managed funds.
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