Complete Family Wealth

Keith Whitaker. Complete Family Wealth
Keith Whitaker. Complete Family Wealth
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A primer for families of high net worth on how to manage their qualitative and financial wealth for generations The second edition of this foundational work, Complete Family Wealth: Wealth as Well-Being provides proven tools and best practices for families of means to use in maturing, maintaining, and managing personal and legacy wealth long into the future. The book is divided into three parts: the «what»—what is meant by family, wealth, and enterprise; the «who»—the persons crucial to family enterprise flourishing; and the «how»—specific practices families can use to enhance and grow family wealth. The second edition of this work places the health and well-being of the individual members of the family unit at the forefront of every aspect detailed within the book. A natural product of this focus is an increased awareness of the social complexities of wealth that have come to the fore in recent years, and the team of expert authors here address the responsibility of private wealth to the public good. In addition, Complete Family Wealth 's second edition provides readers with: A new chapter on «the big reveal,» suggesting ways to encourage positive, life-affirming reception of the revelation of present or future wealth An additional chapter on preserving the beloved family vacation home Two new appendices: «Fiduciary Course Curriculum,» dedicated to enhancing the education of trustees and beneficiaries; and «Key Practices for Families During Challenging Times,» a response to the pandemic but relevant to all trying periods for families Examples that make these practices accessible to a broad audience across the wealth spectrum. Having shaped the language used by families and their advisors with the first edition, Complete Family Wealth 's second edition is essential reading for families of high net worth and their financial advisors. It will also be of interest to family offices, fund managers, as well as private investors.

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