Top Stocks 2008

Martin Roth. Top Stocks 2008
Martin Roth. Top Stocks 2008
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Top Stocks 2008 is written for every investor who has ever thought, \'There are 1700 companies on the Australian Stock Exchange – where do I start?\' Popular finance author Martin Roth runs the top 500 companies through exhaustive selection criteria and subjects each stock to rigorous analysis. In Top Stocks 2008 you\'ll find individual analysis of the top Australian companies\' latest results; comparative sales and profits data, and in-depth ratio analysis; five-year price charts and shareholder return figures; comprehensive research detailing each company\'s overall outlook; and 19 tables ranking all companies according to financial data. For those seeking quick and easy access to vital information and statistics on top Australian companies, Top Stocks 2008 is a must-read.

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