Inflection Points

Matt Spielman. Inflection Points
Matt Spielman. Inflection Points
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Discover your purpose with the Game Plan System In Inflection Points: How to Work and Live with Purpose , renowned executive coach and speaker Matt Spielman delivers an energizing and hands-on existential navigational tool that walks you through how to identify what really matters in life and how to achieve it. Using a powerful life transformation system called the “Game Plan System”—or GPS —you will simply use the answers to straightforward questions to reorient your perspective and refocus your efforts on realizing happiness and fulfilment. In the book, you will also learn to: Create a powerful new roadmap to achieve what truly matters to you and move aside what may be getting in the way Celebrate your wins and effectively process your setbacks Discover and consider the value of coaching in your personal and professional lifeThe perfect book for anyone hoping to move through life with confident and renewed purpose and vigor, Inflection Points is an expertly crafted and powerful collection of strategies to act with more intentionality, help yourself and others, and realize your goals and achieve greater fulfillment.
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  • ISBN: 9781119887393
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