Start With a Win

Adam Contos. Start With a Win
Adam Contos. Start With a Win
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Strengthen your leadership skills and achieve success at work and at home with advice from a proven business leader

In Start with a Win: Tools and Lessons to Create Personal and Business Success, CEO of RE/MAX Holdings Adam Contos delivers a powerful exploration of how leaders process information and lead boldly, especially (or even) during times of crisis. Packed with the practical lessons he learned as the leader of one of the most recognized real estate brands in the world, the book shows you how leaders recognize emotion, chaos, and fear and transform those negatives into opportunity. Whether you lead a team of one—yourself—ten, or 10,000 and up, you'll also find actionable advice on: How to develop effective leadership skills by seeking out situations that require you to practice leading Avoiding the experience of becoming overwhelmed by relying on time-tested frameworks to organize your thinking during stressful situations Overcoming fear and self-doubt by recognizing that your doubts are only as powerful as you think they are Perfect for executives, managers, and other business leaders, Start with a Win is an indispensable resource for entrepreneurs seeking to clarify and accomplish their goals.
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  • ISBN: 9781119807087
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