High Ten

Martin Rooney. High Ten
Martin Rooney. High Ten
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Harness the power of Martin Rooney's acclaimed «Culture Coach» philosophy to build the culture of your dreams 

Building a great team culture doesn't happen overnight. Culture is hard to create, and even harder to change. Great culture is a key component for success at home, on the sports field, and at the workplace. In a time when people seem to be more divided than ever, leaders who can build strong and lasting cultures are essential. No one knows this better than internationally-renowned coach, in-demand speaker, and bestselling author Martin Rooney—dedicating his life to coach elite athletes, Fortune 500 executives, military leaders, and every kind of team imaginable to their highest level of performance.  In  High Ten: An Inspiring Story About Building Great Team Culture , Martin draws from his extensive experience developing top-level teams around the world to help leaders of all kinds foster and sustain winning cultures. This engaging, easy-to-read parable shows you that every business, sports team, and family has a culture. Whether you deliberately created it or not, it's always there and it didn’t come with a manual. That's where  High Ten  comes in. This must-have book is your personal leadership manual. Stop spending your day unhappy or complaining about a dream that hasn’t come true.  High Ten  will help you:  Create an environment where your people work towards common goals with friends they trust—have fun doing it Develop clarity about the culture you want and put the processes in place to make it happen Ensure your culture reflects core values and aligns with your organization’s mission and vision Transform your culture into the «immune system» for your team or business Learn about the «3 Cornerstones of Culture» and eliminate the «5 Culture Killers»  High Ten: An Inspiring Story About Building Great Team Culture  is an invaluable resource for all coaches and leaders striving to achieve the highest level of culture—one where everyone feels like a valuable part of the team and consistently produces exceptional results.
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